So I have this great idea that I will write a book. I want to write a book about some things that I have been through to help others know the outcome without having to go through the obstacles. I am noticing that I need to get on the ball. I know someone personally that may be going through some similar things, but yet I do not know how to reach out. Would it be considered overstepping?

I am feeling really drawn to completely it, but I am having the hardest time starting it (go figure). There are so many things to consider: feelings, names, fact/fiction, length, and mostly where to start in my story. Should I go back to childhood to maybe connect some dots to see where I felt compelled to get self destructive or start bam in the middle. There is a book I really like call “Go Ask Alice” I like it because it is based off a true story and it is tragic.

Personally does a sad book with a sad ending, or a sad book with a happy ending appeal more???? Now really you can leave your answer. I am trying to let others know that there is a possibility for a better life, but maybe some people would need to be scared straight.

I know I am not anyone that anyone knows. I know that I am just me, just one ant. But I have been contemplating this for a couple years and now it is constantly on my mind.

With regards to maybe hurting some feelings when I write this, I do not want to. I am over my past I am not angry or resentful towards anyone. I feel that my past has made me who I am today and I am starting to like myself, finally. But with that being said does it make sense to attempt to change someone’s course if they would come out a stronger person, or is not worth the risk that they may not make it out the other side?

With our youngest about to head off to kindergarten I think that I may have some time available to actual think and hopefully be productive with this project, but until then I will have to stick with my if I’m lucky 2o minutes to write a post.

Thank you for letting me share….

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