Praise God!

There I said it. I said it loud and I meant it. I have spent too much of my time as a Christian worrying about offending others about my faith. Almost hiding it from others, for fear of their remarks or fear of hurting their feelings. I have been a quiet Christian, in fear of being a pushy Christian. I have finally learned, I think, how to live in the middle.

Let’s take my 5 year old son. I would spend almost every night trying to read him Bible stories for boys, or kid’s first Bible type books, and he hated it. He would pick fun bright colored books with funny stories. I finally let up.

Since I am really going on two years of being what I had thought I was a “real” Christian, this is all fairly new to him as well. I will start by saying that I was pushing extra hard for my son to accept God and learn really quickly, for they say your children are your pay back, and boy am I in for some pay back, but mostly I just want my son to not have to live a life of unknowing. Anyways back to what I figured out, after stopping trying to be pushy with him, even though he is 5 this was a valuable lesson for me on how to approach others about this sensitive subject.

Recently we started listening to K Love on the radio, and we talk more about it home as a family. But after spending all the time at church trying to get him to look through his picture Bible and read it that way, he would of course make a scene, fight me and say no. Well I laid off, thinking well he is too young and that it is pointless. So this last Sunday I didn’t mention it, we brought his Bible seeing that it was routine. He sat still, he flipped through each page, then he tapped my shoulder and said  “mom, why is Jesus walking on water” of course my heart smiles, but I won’t let him see that, I reply “Jesus was powerful, He is the Son of God, He can do anything” he see’s that a man is standing in the water, and says “so Jesus is going to save that guy”, I say “yes, Jesus is a nice guy”, he smiles and keeps flipping pages. Then we are singing a song or two, and my son pulls my arm and says, on the page where a woman is rubbing Jesus’s feet with oil, “the people were nice to Him too?” I said “yes”, so he smiles and goes back to flipping pages, then my son pulls on my arm, I turn, and there are tears in his eyes, and he says “Mommy, why are they being mean to Jesus?” he was on the page were they convicting him and the next page showed the cross, this is a children’s Bible so nothing graphic, but he got the point, I said “yes dear, those people were mean to him, they didn’t believe that Jesus came from God, and killed him for it.” So he is crying by now, not loud sobbing, so I sit back down and I thank Jesus for coming back alive, not only for the sins of the world, but so I can give my son a reason to smile at that moment, I flip a few pages and then it showed Jesus walking around again, so gratefully I say “but, He came back life, since He did come God, and He got to prove all the mean guys’ wrong, Isn’t that amazing?”, oh man I can not explain how big my heart was smiling when my son’s face lit up and he smiled from ear to ear, and wiped away the tears.

So learning from my experience, even with children we can not force anyone to Believe, we have to plant the seed and let in grow inside of them. We can not do God’s job, we can only do our own. I have been a quiet Christian, and now I feel so grateful for my own son’s heart and soul, that I have decided to not be a quiet Christian. I want to be a loud one, but then again I do not want to be pushy, for that too often than most will push people right out of the way.

What I found, that I believe is my own answer, is to be a proud, and public Christian, let everyone know, but not try to talk it death around people who are obviously not listening. I want to be an example, I want others to see Christ through me. With this said I have been working on my bad attitudes, thanks to Joyce Meyer. I only hope and pray that I can live up to this wonderful task.
Thank you for letting me share.

This world is hard

We all know what life was like when we were growing up. It has been different for everyone of us. We all had good times and bad. I feel though however that this generation coming up is having it the worst, well worse than I personally did, and I didn’t have it great. I got myself into some trouble as a teenager/young adult, not as much as I should of.
The world now scares the hell out of me. I can not believe how open the world is about drugs. How easy people can find it these days, they don’t even have to try, before we had to seek them out so you had to want them, now its so popular that people don’t have to want them to have them offered. I am sad for the kids these days they are going to have an uphill battle to stay away from that crap. Now that marijuana is becoming legal(ugh) there are new and scarier drugs taking its place. People who do drugs to do something dangerous and “cool”, which is far from cool, will not want a legal drug, are you kidding me? Drug dealers and pushers have to find a new product to sell to kids. I am very livid, I personally know that these struggles are hard to overcome and I thank God everyday that I did overcome them. I just pray that the generation with all of our kids will be able to too. I am asking God why is it so easy, why are you challenging our kids to be stronger, or are you challenging the parents of these misguided kids?
There is so much social media these days there are hardly any secrets between anyone, the kids who do not want to talk to their parents but they will tell the whole world some things. I am grateful for that, for it can save someone from themselves in a dark time if that is their only place to vent and have real emotion. I remember when I was a troubled kid I kept a journal not that it was many years ago but there was no facebook or twitter or instagram or tumbler or….. wordpress…. to divulge all of our personal information, I had to do what everyone else at that time and before had to do, we had to stuff it down. So, I am grateful for the outlet for others and myself, once I get this out then maybe I’ll be able to sleep. On the other hand I am having a hard time trying to keep up with all these outlets, and I know by the time that my own kids are old enough for this kind of stupid mess I will have a few more to keep up with.
Thanks for letting me share…

“Though troubles assail” by John Newton

The LORD will provide by John Newton


Though troubles assail

And dangers affright,

Though friends should all fail

And foes all unite;

Yet one thing secures us,

Whatever betide,

The scripture assures us,

The Lord will provide.


The birds without barn

Or storehouse are fed,

From them let us learn

To trust for our bread:

His saints, what is fitting,

Shall ne’er he denied,

So long as ’tis written,

The Lord will provide.


We may, like the ships,

By tempest be tossed

On perilous deeps,

But cannot be lost.

Though Satan enrages

The wind and the tide,

The promise engages,

The Lord will provide.


His call we obey

Like Abram of old,

Not knowing our way,

But faith makes us bold;

For though we are strangers

We have a good Guide,

And trust in all dangers,

The Lord will provide.


When Satan appears

To stop up our path,

And fill us with fears,

We triumph by faith;

He cannot take from us,

Though oft he has tried,

This heart-cheering promise,

The Lord will provide.


He tells us we’re weak,

Our hope is in vain,

The good that we seek

We ne’er shall obtain,

But when such suggestions

Our spirits have plied,

This answers all questions,

The Lord will provide.


No strength of our own,

Or goodness we claim,

Yet since we have known

The Savior’s great name;

In this our strong tower

For safety we hide,

The Lord is our power,

The Lord will provide.


When life sinks apace

And death is in view,

This word of his grace

Shall comfort us through:

No fearing or doubting

With Christ on our side,

We hope to die shouting,

The Lord will provide.


A girl’s Girl Guide

A girl’s Girl Guide…

Be confident. Confidence is attractive.

Be respectful. Have respect for yourself and others.

Take life serious. Do not take yourself too serious. Know that what you do today can affect tomorrow, no matter how small.

Please have a sense of humor. Laugh at yourself not at others. Laugh with people not at them. Girls do not tell dirty jokes.

Set goals, and know that they are achievable. If you do not think they are attainable then why would you bother? If you do not believe in yourself no one else will.

Learn from your mistakes. Yes, you will make mistakes. Take them for what they are life lessons. Some will be big and some will be small, but learn from them and move on. Try not to dwell on them, and learn so they do not have to be repeated. You have to own them so they do not own you, and if you hurt someone then you need to apologize.

Keep a journal. Everyone should, it will be entertaining one day. It will help you see growth in yourself, or it will let you see if you are too concerned about one thing or person.

Have true friends. To have a few true friends is better than to have many fake ones. Be a leader not be a follower. Have real life friendships. Find friends that you want to be like. You are only as good as the company you keep, and guilty by association is a real thing.

Never let yourself be attracted to jerks, they might be funny when they are being jerky to others, but your day will come when he is a jerk to you.

Stay away from bad boys, they may look mysterious and in need of saving, wake up that’s not your job. Bad boys are bad news, they like a good girl until they don’t, then you are boring. Never even think of trying to be bad with them, they will leave you for the next “good” girl.

Do not date older guys until you are older. They may look like they have their life together but most are still immature and if they happen to be mature than you will be the immature one in the relationship. My advice is be at least 25 to date five or more years older.

Be yourself and you will only attract those who like you for you!

Most importantly the last point, have a relationship with God. If you do not have a full-fledged relationship already you should get one. If you are skeptical, keep God in your mind. He will show you He is there if you have an open mind.


Thank you for letting me share I hope this is helpful. 

Sneak. .

So now she confided in the one she knew would tell. Oh goodness and how did she finally get the attention that she had been struggling to get. She was sent off to rehab for a short few week stay. Wow did it feel comfortable, you would think maybe it would scare her and she would want to straighten out. How is this the first time in her life that she could be surrounded by others who understood her? She made so many fast friends, none lasting but, she felt happy and content.
Then they would have visiting days when family would come with the bells and whistles and the broken apologies. “How did we not know?” they asked. Which she could not answer, because she had the same question.