Where is God?

AND WHERE IS God???????????
This is a question people too often ask. Well your answer is… Where you put Him. On the back burner, for a lot of people. For all of us He is our last hope. We will see a better world if we put God first in our lives.

He is still on our money but not in our schools. That’s rich… Well if we want to stop complaining so much about the next generation of Hellions, yes I have some too, bring God back to school! I want our kids to not be the “WEIRD” ones, for wanting to pray or to Thank God for the good things, even at school. How as parents are we suppose to encourage our kids to still believe when they come home and feel like the only one. I am tired of this line that has been drawn from God/ School, God/ Government, God/ workplaces. So the only place we think we are “SAFE” is at home. Well no wonder the World is in shambles.

We can not have God on conditions, we can not have God when it is convenient, He is in all aspects of our lives. We pray for world peace, well imagine if the whole wide world was praying that prayer, I think God would listen! But not if we hide in our closets to do it.

In some countries people are being killed or publicly persecuted for their beliefs, and that doesn’t even sway them, they still outwardly acknowledge God. Could you do that??????

How well do we really know each other?

I often wonder about this. In church everyone is always on their best behavior, well at least I am. I do not yell or scream at my kids in the middle of the service, I nicely smile and whisper to them “do we need to go to the bathroom to chat?” I also do not wear my sweat pants, and comfy clothes, the lack of getting ready I do on a daily basis may surprise others (or not). I smile, and sing, and shake hands and pretend to remember everyone’s names.
Even the grocery store I am normally more put together, well at least I think I am.

How many other people are another version of themselves when they are in public?

In church I am who I wish I could be every day.
But outside more times than not, I lose my cool. I am a work in progress, noticing my faults and not pushing them aside, step number one. Addressing them is step number two. This is what step I am on. Right now I am trying to cool it on my temper. I am also trying to work on my lack of patience, boy that’s a really tough one. I know I have many more faults than this, but these are two I feel are the most important right now, and I do not want to ruin my self esteem by pointing too many out at once.

I am proud to be quitter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Losing weight is a long hard road. It’s almost addictive, never mind it is addictive to stand on scale. What is hard is when the needle stops or when the numbers show and there is no decrease on weight, it is very disappointing. Something even worse is if the number goes up, OMG I will cry and whine and then finally pull myself together. That is when I personally realized why you should not weigh yourself every single day, because of water retention and from other types of changes with your weight.
It has been really slow it’s been six months, so five pounds per month. I’ve heard that if you lose it slowly it has a better chance of staying off. That is what I have been telling myself anyway.
I am not on a fad diet or crazy intense exercise, obviously since I would have had more progress. But what I am doing is a lifestyle change. I have changed my diet I stopped eating meat, I said it wasn’t a fad diet, but as soon as I stopped I realized just how popular it is to be a vegetarian. Maybe I shouldn’t say this out loud but I didn’t stop for selfless reasons or humanitarian reasons, I was just sick of it, I could not think of any I wanted to eat. I did remember the little girl in who wanted to be a vegetarian because of the humanitarian reasons. You know the time when you are eating dinner and you have to come to terms that your food really did come from a real life (past tense) animal.
I have become quite a quitter lately, first it was drugs, and then years later I gave up medicine that the doctor prescribed me, that in fact I believe took place of the illegal drugs I had used, then a couple years later I finally gave up smoking, and I will tell you that was the hardest to give up. More recently I gave up eating meat, I also cut back on soda, maybe one or two a week, I like the Lipton green tea citrus instead of soda. I have also given up beer and maybe I’ll have a glass of wine when we go out for dinner. With all these things that I have quit I have never felt healthier.
For me, I am trying to live forever. I want to be healthy so I can live as long as God will allow and not let it be for my shortcomings that I pass away. I can say that I have not always felt this way, when I was younger I didn’t want to make it past thirty. Well now I am thirty and I really hope that my stupidity and recklessness of being a stupid rebellious teen and young adult did not punch my ticket early. I have children I want to see get married and have children of their own, and a husband that I want to grow old with.
Young adult and kids if you do not like yourself now, please do not make choices that can affect your future, for you may be someone you actually like in the future.