My God……

I am so sick of this …. It is so incredibly  sad that it has to be said…. All Life matters. Mine. Yours. Blue. Black. Brown. White. Orange. Purple. Green. Please don’t be offended if I didn’t get your color.
Unless we all can stand together we are going backwards. There is no reason for violence or hate. We are what we are taught. We feel and say what we are listening to and play it on repeat.
No one even can remember why everyone is so mad. We keep adding reasons.
But please STOP! Let’s teach peace and love.
We cannot think our lives more invaluable than someone else’s. But I will stand up for myself and my family and not be run down or diminished just because of the color of my skin.
God made us all and he made us all perfect and God has all control. God PLEASE!! I am begging, you need to show all who doubt your presence and existence that there is good in all things. God make good out of these terrible terrible circumstances and situations.🙏🏿🙏🏾🙏🏽🙏🏼🙏🏻🙏 ❤️

So scared to think out loud…

I am so tired of everyone’s politically correct outrages and outbursts. I wish we could all just be honest. I am not completely honest either. I am so scared to offend someone, that I have been keeping my beliefs and opinions all bottled up. and here I am exploding. So I wish I could apologize if I offend you. But all this nonsense is offending me and NO one will apologize to me. So sorry if hurt your feelings but I’m not sorry for the way I feel.

I believe in God.

I believe Jesus is God’s son, the He died for our sins and came back.

I believe that we are Male or Female, I don’t believe God makes mistakes.

I believe that marriage in God’s eyes are between and man and a woman. For the sake of children. ( I am not judging).

I believe that COPS are good and helpful.

I believe that if you run from cops or attack them, they have the right to stop you by any means, so please teach your children to respect and listen to them. Or they might get shot.

I believe that every child is different and deserves options of different types of teaching.

I believe that common core is a joke.

I believe that federal government as NO place in education.

I believe that parents know their kids better than teachers.

I believe that children are unique and priceless.

I believe that prayer should be allowed at schools, not only prisons.

I believe that Hillary is not our best option.

I believe that Trump is our best option out of the two, but not hand picked by me.

I believe that God is in control so we should not dislike other’s for their opinions or voting records.

I believe that Guns are powerful and not a toy to be played with.

I believe that it would be terrible if the only people who could buy them were out of trunks and in alleys.

I believe we should have the right and option to protect ourselves, homes, and families by any means necessary.

I believe that we are all individuals made by God and that we are our own people, with brains and hearts, to use them, have your own feelings and thoughts.

I believe that originality has died.