Honesty? Who needs it? The ones who won’t read this.

Who wants honesty? Do you really want people to tell you what they think? Do You actually want to know? No I really don’t. I try my hardest in every aspect of my life, well to the best of my knowledge I do, I know I have to make sacrifices and cut things out and sometimes people. NO time for drama or bs. Getting a little tired of honesty myself.

Do you want to hear what people think about..

Your kids? Well they are a little out of control, or if they are shy they must not have any self confidence.

Your baby? Your 6month old is spoiled, really she should cry more. But if your baby cries, why are you letting her cry, she needs this or that, your feeding her what!?

Your marriage? They must be covering, no one can be that happy after that long. What glitters isn’t always gold.

Your pets? Aggravating! Smelly!

Your car? It may look nice, but in three years that car payment is still going to be there, and the new car scent will be gone. That’s so old it cant be reliable.

Your house? It’s either too clean you are neglecting your kids, or you are just too lazy to keep up with it. Depends on the day.

Your church? Mine is better. or I don’t believe in it.

Your school? Homeschool! what?  private is the best.

If you can notice that people are a little too eager to give their honesty about YOU, no not only you but, your whole family and every aspect in your life! But there is no mirror in their lives. It is much easier to pick someone else’s lives apart than your own.

There is a smudge on your check, but I have a giant stick poking out of my eye, and I’m too focused on your flaws to see my own.

So let’s scream and cry because our feelings are hurt. Well that’s not going to accomplish much. So let’s tell them “who do they think they are?”, also that’s not going to get us anywhere. So my answer lately is to listen. I hold it in, and trying to take advice from somewhere else, is that a wise man can listen to rebuke. So I am trying to see if there is any truth to what others are saying. More than not there isn’t any. It’s more about someone trying to make themselves superior by belittling the other. So however I do not wish this to be true. Some times the best thing we can do in life is to close those negative doors.

As a Christian, a very  undeserving, and immature in faith, but growing. I am learning that the answer is love. Love them that’s what they need. It is not something wrong with yourself but with them. But it is not your fault that they are unhappy with their lives so you can be friendly, but do not take on that guilt. You can share what is making your life go right and what is making you genuinely happy (which they are trying to tear apart) that it’s God working his mercy and blessings in your life, and that your faith is Christ Jesus, that has given you the hope and the know that there is much more to life than this world. But if this not enough. Let them go… It may hurt now, but it will save the same repeated pain that you are already feeling.

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