Where should I go?

How is this going to go? Should this be a sad traumatic story, should this be a joyous story? All I know is that should be a life changing story. It should be your story!  It can already have horrible times, amazing times, but your life will change for the better.

I do not want to write my own personal story, I have not been through anything that no one else had been through.

There is only one person I know that has been through life as no one else could.

There are people being persecuted, there are people who are being rejected, there are people who are being abused, there are people who are filled with faith, there are people who are believers, there are people who live for the One and only God. The only one with a story like no one else has, or could ever have, is Jesus Christ.

I am not a professional in Bible studies, teacher, or student.

Who am I to write? I have no idea…. But yet here I am writing this. Personally I have always felt that I should write, when I was young I would keep journals and write poems about my trivial problems. I was an unbeliever at that time, no wonder I had so many problems to write notebooks full of teenage, young adult issues. Now that I am a believer, I still have the pull to put words down. I can express my feelings better writing than talking, also that may be because there are delete and backspace keys.

I have always been able to start things, with God’s grace and only if it is His will, I will complete a story. I do not know yet what story will come.

Feelings Are Selfish.

How many times do your feelings get you in trouble?How many times do you act on your feelings?How many relationships suffer due to hurt feelings?

Feelings are insignificant. Feelings are human. Feelings are temptations. Feelings are selfish!

We live in a society overrun by FEELINGS. My Lord help us if we hurt someone’s feelings. We can not even stand up for ourselves for this fear. We let others run us over with buses and then reverse and go forward again before we finally snap, this is a patient example. Or we may cry a lot. We have to sacrifice everything we believe, feel, and know deep down, due to the majority’s feelings. On the other hand we can use our feelings to hurt others.

I know this will not be popular. Feelings are selfish. Either way we look at it.

Lust… Hate… Fear…Pride… Sadness… Happiness…Anger…


The only one here that is not a feeling is LOVE. This is an action, a choice. Used as a word it means nothing.