Life can change for the better, even if we are scared.

My last post was my testimony.  .(I reposted it so it comes after this one now not before).  I have had it written for some time. I was scared to share it, but then my oldest bonus son, (step-son) shared his with me, I felt selfish to keep it my self.  I am thankful that he found God at an early age and his trials, that pushed him towards God, and that were significant to him and changed everyone’s lives around him, his parents divorce, their remarriages and added siblings to his life, also led me into his life. I am grateful that  led him to come closer to God. Me emerging into a premade family also led me closer to God. I had a relationship with God, but when God placed more people and children for me to be responsible for, I only clung closer to Him, I alone am still not capable of that responsibility, If anyone has gotten to know me through life or this blog they would not find me adequate to raise anyone including myself without God (Lord knows I already tried that, and failed).

My testimony is about my baby changing my life. I have very strong feelings about abortion. If I would of had an abortion, my life would never of changed. However scared and unprepared I was to live my choices I made those choices, and I knew that it was God who was changing my life for the better.

For women who are scared, who are in bad relationships to start with, or a baby was not it their plans, that baby is in God’s plans. That baby will not be an anchor to lock you into an unhealthy relationship, it may be the one thing that will you courage to finally leave it (as in my case). If you are in a place that you can not or will not consider changing your life or raising that child, please consider adoption, their are many people who will love that child, that for their own circumstances can not have one of their own or do not have enough of their own.  There are places to get support, look for a local church,pregnancy clinic, they will walk you through each step and process and give you all your options, but their and my prayer is to help bring that child to a life outside the womb.


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