30 days… not too long?

So today I woke up and said why not today, to start the whole 30 challenge. I’ve done it before and honestly felt better than I ever had in my whole life. When I did it in January I made it 45 days I loved it and was scared for it to end. Now I’m seeing that I was right to fear the end. Because now almost 6 months later I am back to where I was before my last whole 30 journey. I have wanted to start it over ever since I stopped. But I know how hard it is, so I made lots of excuses. Well no more!!

But not only that. I’ve been talking to God lately about how I could hear Him clearer and how to know His will for my life. So this morning when I was declaring my whole 30 to Him (begging Him for help) I felt the nudge to give some more things up. Fitbit ( people accountability) Facebook (more people accountability also my husband has been wanting this) Amazon and internet shopping ( I did this for lent and saved a lot of money).

Step 1. I deleted all these apps from my phone.

So now you must know me pretty well these are all my crutches.

So I am asking for prays more for me and my family. I want to do this but I know that I am not capable on my own strength.

I will keep you posted. I’m almost 3 hours in.

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