Fight the enemy instead of each other!

Another day and something is going wrong, well that is according to our own thoughts and ideas of the way our selfish lives should go. We get frustrated, annoyed, (the over used excuse for our own bad behaviors) stressed and we use these words like they are acceptable excuses for losing our temper, saying things that hurt others’ feelings and we think that, that makes it OK. It is not OK. I am guilty of this, I get mad and angry and I tell my kids it’s not them, that I am just frustrated. BUT oh why is it them that I am losing it with?

I will tell you why I think it is. It is the devil in our heads and unfortunately in our hearts. Our selfishness coming through.

Also the devil uses others to get to us. If you are in a feud with someone, that makes absolutely no sense. It is more than likely the devil working through them. I am not saying they are the devil, no not at all, they are just being used by the devil and they do not see it. I personally have a issue that I used to obsess about and spend way to much time replaying and focusing on it, but then I realized that it wasn’t the people I was upset with and I also finally came to terms with the fact that, that I am not the reason for their hatred, they just put my face on the problems they were already facing because it was easy.

Any ways what I am saying is that the devil will find anyway to shake us, weather it is our hot water is out, our car won’t start or someone is just plain mean to us. It can be the real enemy working through these things to get us to doubt our sovereign Lord.

Lord, can you please help me see the difference between your divine intervention, and when the devil is trying to make me slip up. Please change my heart and my tongue so that I can live and act in a way to please You. I want my eyes on you, and not waste a moment giving the devil any glory. God you deserve all the glory and praise. Amen.

“Though troubles assail” by John Newton

The LORD will provide by John Newton


Though troubles assail

And dangers affright,

Though friends should all fail

And foes all unite;

Yet one thing secures us,

Whatever betide,

The scripture assures us,

The Lord will provide.


The birds without barn

Or storehouse are fed,

From them let us learn

To trust for our bread:

His saints, what is fitting,

Shall ne’er he denied,

So long as ’tis written,

The Lord will provide.


We may, like the ships,

By tempest be tossed

On perilous deeps,

But cannot be lost.

Though Satan enrages

The wind and the tide,

The promise engages,

The Lord will provide.


His call we obey

Like Abram of old,

Not knowing our way,

But faith makes us bold;

For though we are strangers

We have a good Guide,

And trust in all dangers,

The Lord will provide.


When Satan appears

To stop up our path,

And fill us with fears,

We triumph by faith;

He cannot take from us,

Though oft he has tried,

This heart-cheering promise,

The Lord will provide.


He tells us we’re weak,

Our hope is in vain,

The good that we seek

We ne’er shall obtain,

But when such suggestions

Our spirits have plied,

This answers all questions,

The Lord will provide.


No strength of our own,

Or goodness we claim,

Yet since we have known

The Savior’s great name;

In this our strong tower

For safety we hide,

The Lord is our power,

The Lord will provide.


When life sinks apace

And death is in view,

This word of his grace

Shall comfort us through:

No fearing or doubting

With Christ on our side,

We hope to die shouting,

The Lord will provide.