A girl’s Girl Guide

A girl’s Girl Guide…

Be confident. Confidence is attractive.

Be respectful. Have respect for yourself and others.

Take life serious. Do not take yourself too serious. Know that what you do today can affect tomorrow, no matter how small.

Please have a sense of humor. Laugh at yourself not at others. Laugh with people not at them. Girls do not tell dirty jokes.

Set goals, and know that they are achievable. If you do not think they are attainable then why would you bother? If you do not believe in yourself no one else will.

Learn from your mistakes. Yes, you will make mistakes. Take them for what they are life lessons. Some will be big and some will be small, but learn from them and move on. Try not to dwell on them, and learn so they do not have to be repeated. You have to own them so they do not own you, and if you hurt someone then you need to apologize.

Keep a journal. Everyone should, it will be entertaining one day. It will help you see growth in yourself, or it will let you see if you are too concerned about one thing or person.

Have true friends. To have a few true friends is better than to have many fake ones. Be a leader not be a follower. Have real life friendships. Find friends that you want to be like. You are only as good as the company you keep, and guilty by association is a real thing.

Never let yourself be attracted to jerks, they might be funny when they are being jerky to others, but your day will come when he is a jerk to you.

Stay away from bad boys, they may look mysterious and in need of saving, wake up that’s not your job. Bad boys are bad news, they like a good girl until they don’t, then you are boring. Never even think of trying to be bad with them, they will leave you for the next “good” girl.

Do not date older guys until you are older. They may look like they have their life together but most are still immature and if they happen to be mature than you will be the immature one in the relationship. My advice is be at least 25 to date five or more years older.

Be yourself and you will only attract those who like you for you!

Most importantly the last point, have a relationship with God. If you do not have a full-fledged relationship already you should get one. If you are skeptical, keep God in your mind. He will show you He is there if you have an open mind.


Thank you for letting me share I hope this is helpful. 

Sneak. .

So now she confided in the one she knew would tell. Oh goodness and how did she finally get the attention that she had been struggling to get. She was sent off to rehab for a short few week stay. Wow did it feel comfortable, you would think maybe it would scare her and she would want to straighten out. How is this the first time in her life that she could be surrounded by others who understood her? She made so many fast friends, none lasting but, she felt happy and content.
Then they would have visiting days when family would come with the bells and whistles and the broken apologies. “How did we not know?” they asked. Which she could not answer, because she had the same question.


So I have this great idea that I will write a book. I want to write a book about some things that I have been through to help others know the outcome without having to go through the obstacles. I am noticing that I need to get on the ball. I know someone personally that may be going through some similar things, but yet I do not know how to reach out. Would it be considered overstepping?

I am feeling really drawn to completely it, but I am having the hardest time starting it (go figure). There are so many things to consider: feelings, names, fact/fiction, length, and mostly where to start in my story. Should I go back to childhood to maybe connect some dots to see where I felt compelled to get self destructive or start bam in the middle. There is a book I really like call “Go Ask Alice” I like it because it is based off a true story and it is tragic.

Personally does a sad book with a sad ending, or a sad book with a happy ending appeal more???? Now really you can leave your answer. I am trying to let others know that there is a possibility for a better life, but maybe some people would need to be scared straight.

I know I am not anyone that anyone knows. I know that I am just me, just one ant. But I have been contemplating this for a couple years and now it is constantly on my mind.

With regards to maybe hurting some feelings when I write this, I do not want to. I am over my past I am not angry or resentful towards anyone. I feel that my past has made me who I am today and I am starting to like myself, finally. But with that being said does it make sense to attempt to change someone’s course if they would come out a stronger person, or is not worth the risk that they may not make it out the other side?

With our youngest about to head off to kindergarten I think that I may have some time available to actual think and hopefully be productive with this project, but until then I will have to stick with my if I’m lucky 2o minutes to write a post.

Thank you for letting me share….