Caffeine Is A Gateway Drug!

People only talk about marijuana, as a gateway drug.

There are uppers and downers.  People who want to feel numb. People who want to feel calm. People who want to be energized. People who do not want to feel pain (both mental and physically).

People have all these feelings naturally. But they can not quite hold on to them. They  want the feeling to last. Or they do not want the feelings they have, they want to feel nothing.

Caffeine is not talked about as much as it should be. They sell it legally. You can buy it anywhere. They have concentrated caffeine in pill and liquid forms. They sell “energy” drinks, which should be called sugar crash. They keep you awake for a little while. They will get you through the work day, they will keep you up late to finish your homework.  But then you go to bed for 3 hours and your tired, so you get another one, and this process repeats.

Until it doesn’t.

Kids drink sodas, that’s not what I am talking about here.

I am talking about teenagers who drink 5 hour energy drinks, kids who use caffeine pills to help them concentrate and do school work. They think this admirable, they are trying their best to do everything asked of them. But they are running on empty!!! If you see this, this is a red flag. I am trying to give you a wake up call.

If this is your kid.

Next possibilities:

Physical crash from lack of adequate rest

Falling behind in everyday things if they do not get that “fix”

Napping frequently every time they sit down

Caffeine overdose (physically ill)

“Borrowing” medicine from siblings or friends (ADD/ADHD medicine works just the same if it is not medically needed)

SPEED / Cocaine (illegal drugs) that are much stronger than concentrated caffeine

Now tell me I am over reacting. This is far fetched. Tell me again. Not your kid!

Not to make this about me. But I was this kid, and I knew many of them during my teenage years.

Yes caffeine is a gateway drug, I know first hand.





This world is hard

We all know what life was like when we were growing up. It has been different for everyone of us. We all had good times and bad. I feel though however that this generation coming up is having it the worst, well worse than I personally did, and I didn’t have it great. I got myself into some trouble as a teenager/young adult, not as much as I should of.
The world now scares the hell out of me. I can not believe how open the world is about drugs. How easy people can find it these days, they don’t even have to try, before we had to seek them out so you had to want them, now its so popular that people don’t have to want them to have them offered. I am sad for the kids these days they are going to have an uphill battle to stay away from that crap. Now that marijuana is becoming legal(ugh) there are new and scarier drugs taking its place. People who do drugs to do something dangerous and “cool”, which is far from cool, will not want a legal drug, are you kidding me? Drug dealers and pushers have to find a new product to sell to kids. I am very livid, I personally know that these struggles are hard to overcome and I thank God everyday that I did overcome them. I just pray that the generation with all of our kids will be able to too. I am asking God why is it so easy, why are you challenging our kids to be stronger, or are you challenging the parents of these misguided kids?
There is so much social media these days there are hardly any secrets between anyone, the kids who do not want to talk to their parents but they will tell the whole world some things. I am grateful for that, for it can save someone from themselves in a dark time if that is their only place to vent and have real emotion. I remember when I was a troubled kid I kept a journal not that it was many years ago but there was no facebook or twitter or instagram or tumbler or….. wordpress…. to divulge all of our personal information, I had to do what everyone else at that time and before had to do, we had to stuff it down. So, I am grateful for the outlet for others and myself, once I get this out then maybe I’ll be able to sleep. On the other hand I am having a hard time trying to keep up with all these outlets, and I know by the time that my own kids are old enough for this kind of stupid mess I will have a few more to keep up with.
Thanks for letting me share…