How close are we to becoming a persecuted church?

We as Christians or myself I should say… Hold back in arguments, let this slide or that, just bite our tongues, turn the other cheek, close our eyes to this world- with our hearts in another.

How are we to let others have this faith, drive and passion when they are being tortured and sentenced to death. When we are only minorly inconvenienced by making ourselves feel a little uncomfortable.

How grateful I am to have a president that recognizes the existence of God!

This is my challenge to you and myself. Make it known what you believe in. Make it known what the TRUTH is. Who will defend the truth, when we all hide in shadows shaking our heads and saving Jesus help them. Well that’s me.

I post cute verses on Facebook, or quote Christian songs. But I am too scared to stand  out for a cause. I am afraid I will offend one my so-called “friends”. I am a Jesus following coward. In my heart, I want to follow, my mind wants to follow, but what good is that when my feet are cemented to ground?

I want to take time and pray for our presecuted brothers and sisters, and may I have an inch of their courage.

What if our next president does not believe or accept God’s place? Will it be illegal to worship in the United States. We will become the “intolerant”? We need to be LOUDER! While we still have a right to our beliefs. We can not take them for granted.

Will their be a time when we have to hide in basements? Much stranger things have happened.

I know this may seem far fetched, and I pray it is. I just want us to wake up as a free nation and take advantage of our free speech. I personally need to grow a backbone and stand up for what I know is right, not by my thoughts, but, by God’s word.

This is how I feel!

I like this blog and I love that I can express my feelings and thoughts to the “sphere” as I call the internet. What I really like that I can have a honest opinion. I know that one day I may end up with some actual comments and some of those comments may not agree with me on some of my opinions but never the less I get to have my own opinions and express them. My problem has never been conflict in fact I thrive on it, I love to have to prove my point or in a few cases learn that I am wrong.

However in my real life I am quickly beginning to lose any sense of genuine feelings. I know some people, that have to hear what they want to hear and they have to be able to say what they want to say. I find this fact infuriating. I have never been one to back down (oh no quiet the opposite), but I am learning something about myself and these others as this situation keeps persisting. I am learning about myself that I am not OK with this sort of relationship, and I am also learning that I am not OK with people who are OK with this type of relationship.

I recently gave up Facebook not the first time but I believe the last time. It was not due to the fact that it is addicting and a time warp ( which it is) it was also not due to the fact that I have to deal with selfies and self-absorbed people. It was due to the fact that I am friends with family members who unlike me get to voice opinions.

I deal with others telling me how they think I should act, talk or approach people and even though it hurts I nod and listen to their points, now you might think since I am trying my best to be supportive and polite that they would return the favor and hear me out. Nooooooooooooo. Absolutely not.

Now I am sure that someone can read into this and see that it is taking a lot of creative writing and a lot of beating around the bush to not say what the matter at hand is. Which goes to show that I am still not sure of the amount of privacy, and honestly it is sad that I am afraid to hurt someone’s feelings even though they are continually hurting mine.

I never pimped out my blog, I never linked it, I never really told anyone. Well my husband knows but he couldn’t find it well unless he went on my computer and went into my favorites. HA! So to my few followers thank you. I only do not share my writings because of these facts, and also this is my “Free therapy”. And even though this suppose to be my safe place I can still not bring myself to say what it is that is bothering me.

I have equated my recent behavior to my new but not so new Christian lifestyle. I am trying to do my best and turn the other cheek.. So some may call me weak, sometimes I feel that is what I have been with this situation, but it is only making me a stronger, think before I speak Christian. Also it letting me know how I honestly stand with those who say they love me.

Self Worth

I may be mistaken but from this title I would think that “self worth” would be determined by the “self”.  However I know that, that is wrong. With this day and age people are determine to measure their self worth by how many likes or retweets they get, or comments, or how many so called friends they have on their social media pages. Granted that these “friends” they do not have to personally know or to have actually met the “friend”.

With this said this drives me absolutely crazy……   I have few friends and this is probably why. But do I really have to see a picture every time you bathe your “adorbs” dog,  a picture of every time you cut your kids hair,  add a new flower to over compensating yard, or get one thing from your awesomely awesome garden, which is awesome by the way. Maybe I am wrong but I just do not need to post about every teeny tiny accomplishment.

Do not even get me started about “selfies” oh my.  If you have not heard that song, google it. It is so true. Beware I think it may have a few bad words though. Oh my goodness do you have that one or two friends that when you go to your face book feed you have to see five different face shots from them from that day, each and every day.  It is like they need to valuated by the number of likes they get for that picture. Which I will not like them. I may be a bit more humble, but when I look at my photo album or any pictures I have taken, I do not see myself. I find that I like what I am seeing outside of the mirror. I am not ugly or so insecure that I do not want to see a picture of myself, but I am not so self- centered that, I am all I want to see. I would rather look at my handsome husband, or amazing children which I do not plaster pictures of them, maybe I am just selfish because I do not share them with the world. I am just a private person, and I personally know I am blessed, I do not need others to tell me I am. I know one person who was/is always posting about how amazing and awesome her life and her husband are, that it sound to me either she is going to take the highest bidder when she sells them, or that maybe just maybe she is trying to convince herself. I would go with the latter.

Now ask your self a question, are you one of these annoying self centered people? One of these people who has to feel liked by how many likes your get on a witty comment, or to feel pretty by how likes you can get on a selfie, or special because someone you do not even know retweets or shares your article or status.

If you are guilty of this, and are not self centered, but actually determine how much you are worth or how liked you are. Please stop, please look at a real friend, in their physical presence and enjoy your life. If you do not have any friends, then make one, say hello to a actual living breathing person, standing right in front of you. And is this kind of the same thing? With me venting to people I have never really met or never will really know. (But in my defense, my blog is named free therapy).

What really gets to me, are the kids who lock and shut themselves away to play on this technology. But I will save that for a later date.

Now leave comments, tell me I am the only one who thinks like this, or tell me I am not.