Waiting. Waiting for something to come in my head. Clear the clutter of my thoughts.

And look around and see what I have sought.

My life has started to come and stick together.

How grateful I am to know that it is true in any weather.

When life gets hard and you feel as if you failing

Do not stop, run faster and make like your arms are flailing

You can either fall in the despair of the hole underneath you

Or be lifted above it by the One who beseeches for you

Please have strength with enough to share, please take the time to care

for others around you, this life is so short when compared to forever

Look up and around you to see the marvels and to see just how clever

the Creator of this world is, and just how special we all are.

Take nothing to personal, each person has scars, and you know the truth is never to far

which is usually not from a person, but always from the good book

Any time their is quiet, to find peace, all it will take is one look

You chose your life, you chose your destiny, please have your eyes wide open

even the hardest people have been known to soften

there is never a, too late, there is always another chance but do not waste too much time

for when this life is over the punishment will surely fit the crime

there are no excuses or reasoning at the end of the line, only what you lived out

So hear me tell you, Jesus is Lord, all my days I will shout

please don’t live selfishly, please give yourself to others,

for the truth of the matter, is that we all are sisters and brothers.




“Though troubles assail” by John Newton

The LORD will provide by John Newton


Though troubles assail

And dangers affright,

Though friends should all fail

And foes all unite;

Yet one thing secures us,

Whatever betide,

The scripture assures us,

The Lord will provide.


The birds without barn

Or storehouse are fed,

From them let us learn

To trust for our bread:

His saints, what is fitting,

Shall ne’er he denied,

So long as ’tis written,

The Lord will provide.


We may, like the ships,

By tempest be tossed

On perilous deeps,

But cannot be lost.

Though Satan enrages

The wind and the tide,

The promise engages,

The Lord will provide.


His call we obey

Like Abram of old,

Not knowing our way,

But faith makes us bold;

For though we are strangers

We have a good Guide,

And trust in all dangers,

The Lord will provide.


When Satan appears

To stop up our path,

And fill us with fears,

We triumph by faith;

He cannot take from us,

Though oft he has tried,

This heart-cheering promise,

The Lord will provide.


He tells us we’re weak,

Our hope is in vain,

The good that we seek

We ne’er shall obtain,

But when such suggestions

Our spirits have plied,

This answers all questions,

The Lord will provide.


No strength of our own,

Or goodness we claim,

Yet since we have known

The Savior’s great name;

In this our strong tower

For safety we hide,

The Lord is our power,

The Lord will provide.


When life sinks apace

And death is in view,

This word of his grace

Shall comfort us through:

No fearing or doubting

With Christ on our side,

We hope to die shouting,

The Lord will provide.



Well I had forgot I made this blog until I got my first follower. So well I know that someone may read these. LOL I would first like to apologize for how boring they are. So ya all the stuff I said about finally figuring myself out was total crap. I have come to the conclusion that I am a constant work of improvement. I will never be able to pin point one thing that I would like to do forever. I however can have a list of things that I would like to accomplish. My next journey is that I would like to write a book. BUT who would read that?? I am trying to figure if I should make it fiction or non-fiction. I know I am not a celebrity or person of great worldly importance, so maybe I should just make up characters that could be. I have however had a pretty hard, eventful life, well at least up until now. Now I am just a boring happy housewife and mother.  I will say that it is a lot easier to write about dark depressing moments of life, it’s hard to write about sunshine and rainbows, guess that could be a children’s book.

 I want to include a poem I wrote about ten years ago, I edited it just a few lines, I want it to be the intro to the book that I may one day write:

Toss and turn

Crash and burn

Live and learn

Cry and yearn


Swift and sweet

Carry my feet

Bring me to a place

With a warm bright face

Touch the stars in the sky

A place where I can longer cry

Too much sun and too bright

Too much love to feel fright

A place far away from here


Put the salt from my tears

Screams from my fears

Into the depths of the seas

Up unto the tallest of trees

Put the pain from my heart

Into splashes of art

To make life feel able

To write my story as a fable


I want to write a story to let people know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. When you spend your life digging yourself into a hole, that it is possible to make a new way out.

Now I will find a put some incredibly cute pictures up so that I can create more buzz. 🙂