There is nothing in this world that you can truly do anything about,
the only thing you can attempt to control is your own life.
But with that said, that is a false statement, you can not control your own life
nor can you control anyone else’s
We are all ants on God’s Planet
We are all His soldiers, His chess pieces
But this is also only if we allow this be true.
The only way you can remotely try to control your own destiny is if you give your heart to the Lord.
The only way you can possibly know for sure that your life will truly have meaning, is if you willingly give over control.
Give your heart and soul to God, the One, that could sacrifice his one and only flesh child,
for our insecurities, for our selfishness, and for our sin, for us to LIVE.

We can not live with regrets, we can live with life lessons
We can not live with sympathy, we can live with empathy
We can not live with selfishness, we can live with selflessness
We can not live for ourselves, we can live for others
We can not live with hate in our heart, we can live with love in our heart
We can not truly live with any darkness, We have to let the light in!

I am no preacher, no historian, not even a Sunday school teacher,
I am merely a person who has lived this.
I am a believer.
I am a Christian.

I have seen, and I am the living, before and after billboard.
I prefer the After! I prefer the life that I let God take the lead.
I am a weak human that can fall to my weaknesses, but with the Lord’s help I can be strong.

I am not writing this to try to “save” you. I am writing this to say that I am. If I can make one little difference to someone, somewhere, than maybe I have done something positive.
I am still searching for my path, for my purpose.
I have always enjoyed writing, I thought I had hit a brick wall on emotions, when my life started to come together.
Darkness was always easier to convey, but now that I am ridding myself of the darkness, I have found joy in sharing my positive thoughts.

Thank you for letting me share


Well I had forgot I made this blog until I got my first follower. So well I know that someone may read these. LOL I would first like to apologize for how boring they are. So ya all the stuff I said about finally figuring myself out was total crap. I have come to the conclusion that I am a constant work of improvement. I will never be able to pin point one thing that I would like to do forever. I however can have a list of things that I would like to accomplish. My next journey is that I would like to write a book. BUT who would read that?? I am trying to figure if I should make it fiction or non-fiction. I know I am not a celebrity or person of great worldly importance, so maybe I should just make up characters that could be. I have however had a pretty hard, eventful life, well at least up until now. Now I am just a boring happy housewife and mother.  I will say that it is a lot easier to write about dark depressing moments of life, it’s hard to write about sunshine and rainbows, guess that could be a children’s book.

 I want to include a poem I wrote about ten years ago, I edited it just a few lines, I want it to be the intro to the book that I may one day write:

Toss and turn

Crash and burn

Live and learn

Cry and yearn


Swift and sweet

Carry my feet

Bring me to a place

With a warm bright face

Touch the stars in the sky

A place where I can longer cry

Too much sun and too bright

Too much love to feel fright

A place far away from here


Put the salt from my tears

Screams from my fears

Into the depths of the seas

Up unto the tallest of trees

Put the pain from my heart

Into splashes of art

To make life feel able

To write my story as a fable


I want to write a story to let people know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. When you spend your life digging yourself into a hole, that it is possible to make a new way out.

Now I will find a put some incredibly cute pictures up so that I can create more buzz. 🙂