Why do people buy cases? for protection. Cases for cameras and sewing machines. Because they are expensive and we want to protect them. But I don’t know if your like me when I put things in a case to keep them safe I stop using them. I put them up on a high shelf or in a cabinet so no one can damage them. But then I forget I have them. 

Well this is true for hearts too. How many times has it been broken, how many times has it hurt. our hearts our very precious to us so we protect them. Put it in a case. One with a lock and key. And then grow bitter and forget we have one.

That is what happened to me. I had heart break after heart break. Not just boys, but deeper than that. So I put my heart on a self way up high so I couldn’t even reach it. I forgot about the softness it holds and the joy of just enjoying loving. 

I have been married and have children and I am just starting to be able to reach mine again. finally I am losing that case of protection and I love it. To be able to feel and smile and not hold back just because of the rejection I have faced over my life.  I have been hurt so many times that I blocked myself and put up a fortress of walls, even to my husband and kids. They got more than the rest. But now I am finding joy in letting others in too. 

I thought I was just that type of person, you know, made bitter and unsocial. But when I look back I never was as a kid I was so out going and happy but then I changed. I let other people tell me who I was. I was ugly and trash and I started to believe it. 

Now with God’s help my prayers are being answered. I want to love people like Christ does. I can feel my heart opening.  Thank you Jesus! 

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